Waterways embraces a design for living that offers a balance between the luxuries of modern life and the beauty of a natural Australian setting.  Unique is a much overdone description, but Waterways is nothing less. Indeed it is a rare benchmark for quality of construction combined with design that is in total sympathy with its surroundings.

To help you understand ‘who does what’ at Waterways we have developed this handy brochure.

Waterways have design guidelines to ensure your home and others at Waterways are of contemporary design, are energy efficient, use substantially native plants and that a number of trees planted per property. A copy of the Building & Landscaping Design Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Waterways is managed by an Owners Corporation, and one of the Owners’ Corporation’s principal charters is to ensure that all Members maintain their property and are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of the area. Rules in respect of Amenity Controls (Rule 4), particularly, are to be read in this context. A copy of the Rules can be found here.

More information about living and owning in an Owners Corporation can be found here.

Need further information? Contact Waterways customer service team at info@waterways.com.au.

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