Neighbourhood Watch

Waterways Neighbourhood Watch was founded in 2017 and is a member of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria (NHW), which operates as a community-based crime prevention program to improve the quality of life within a neighbourhood, this by minimising preventable crime and promoting closer community ties. The program relies on communities working in partnership with Victoria Police in order to achieve these aims, Waterways Neighbourhood Watch is part of the Kingston designated as KNS 037.

The Waterways

12-way community assistance program

Waterways NHW is run by a Committee of local residents on a volunteer basis, they receive and expect no remuneration. Committee members have in fact contributed financially so the Neighbourhood Watch program can operate on Waterways, including purchasing the Neighbourhood Watch signs which are located at the three vehicular entrances/exits to the Waterways Estate. Committee members have also donated crime prevention devices including one- way number plate screws for cars, they have paid for the Waterways Newsletters to be produced and provided NHW stickers. Each Waterways NHW Officer pays their own public liability insurance and Police Clearance (Crim Check) fees.

NHW offers a selection of tools to help prevent crime including the online “How safe is my place” home self-assessment which can be found at: and the “Connect with your neighbours” initiative showing how a connected community is a safer community and which encourages neighbours to connect with each other, look out for one another, be respectful of each other and their environment and care for their homes and common areas, find it here

With the aid of our volunteers the Waterways NHW program operates 365 days per year and is unique, in that it not only aids crime prevention, but works as a 12 way community assistance program to connect and protect Waterways and its residents. The Waterways NHW Telegram mobile phone App now connects 350 residents and alerts them to any suspicious activity that occurs here on Waterways. 

Waterways NHW strives to help make Waterways a more safe and secure place for all, keeps residents connected and works closely with the Waterways Owners Corporation and its Committee. The Neighbourhood Watch motto is “Let’s watch out for each other” and this is the basis and community spirit on which Waterways NHW was founded and operates today and every day.

Stephen Bardsley
Waterways Neighbourhood Watch

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